Never run out of ideas again

You are part of a global competition.

The prize is a thriving, successful newsletter.

The challenge is getting enough eyes on your work to build up a solid list of subscribers.

Despite this fact, most creators start competing with themselves. Putting new ideas out there every day and looking for signal.

Day after day looking for something new to talk about. When that doesn’t lead to the results they were hoping for, everything is discarded and labeled as failed attempts.

If that’s you right now, you might feel overwhelmed, frustrated, stressed, and sick of coming up with new ideas. If not you’re most certainly on the road to it.

So I want to offer up a new approach…

Keep repeating yourself

Here are a few facts:

  • Most people don’t consume everything you create.
  • Saying the same thing in a different way can result in a dramatically different outcome.
  • If you believe something is important, it’s worth saying thousands of times.

Contrast that with throwing away each “failed” idea and your outlook will start to change a bit.

Think about the people you consider a big name. There are at least a few things they say over and over. So much so that you can “think like them” or “speak like them” in your head.

You are only one creator in a sea of others. Your audience will not remember what you said last week, let alone a day or two ago.

It’s time to zoom out

If you think everything you publish is being read by everyone who subscribes, consider your own reading habits.

One of my absolute favorite newsletters of all time is Why We Buy, but I have to admit that I haven’t read the past few issues.

I think Katelyn is a fantastic creator. I want to read and support her efforts. But my goals and life events right now have kept me from spending time on a lot of things I enjoy.

Even your most loyal fans will miss something. A lot of things.

Keep repeating what matters most to you. If it doesn’t perform well, evaluate why and come at that same topic from a different angle.

Your next steps

The best way I’ve found to stretch this repeat muscle is on social. Content there comes and goes at an alarmingly fast pace.

So, right now, take 30 minutes to do the following:

  • Write a social post about something related to the topic of your newsletter.
  • Re-write that post 3 times.
  • Share all 4 of those posts at various times over the next few weeks or months.

If you do that over and over for the next 30 minutes, you’ll be amazed at how many posts you have at your fingertips.

Written by Kyle Adams

I work at ConvertKit helping top creators every day and bring what I know about growing your email list to Creator Glue every week.